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Malaria: Increasing Communications Precision

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Helping an organization leading the high-stakes battle against malaria improve engagement with its most important audiences

Purpose Driven Campaigns
Purpose-Driven Campaigns
Digital Experiences
Digital Experiences

Challenge & Opportunity

How can one organization effectively serve multiple audiences across one digital hub?

As the leader in mobilizing the world to combat and eradicate malaria, Malaria No More has a lot to communicate to a variety of audiences. Their website had grown to exclusively address an “engaged public” audience with a successful fundraising effort, but the resulting de-prioritization of influential leaders and partners, crucial to Malaria No More’s success, was a risk. Those audiences were not directed to the website, rather, were given PDFs and PPTs that precluded the organization from organically driving a broader and deeper digital content experience. As the organization looked to clarify its unique position and vital role in the fight to eradicate malaria, their website needed to evolve to more effectively serve their industry leader/partner audience without sacrificing their successful fundraising program.

Solutions & Outcomes

Meeting the needs of influencers and the engaged public, off and online

Serving multiple audiences with different user experiences and goals is a tough challenge, but Formative worked closely with Malaria No More to understand both audiences, what online and offline communications were most successful, and what the short- term and long-term objectives were for each audience. We turned this research into user flows, a new site architecture, and a series of wireframes that were validated and improved upon through in-depth interviews with stakeholder teams to ensure that the needs of each audience were successfully addressed. The result was a design that created the necessary user experience that helped each audience find their respective areas of the site. Because most “engaged public” traffic was generated from email, we were able to deemphasize that content on the primary nav, and instead create a distinct section of the site with its own nav, leaving the primary Malaria No More site to cater to the industry leader and partner audience. The site is performing as everyone had hoped, and despite moving the fundraising content off the homepage, fundraising efforts continue to be successful, receiving recognition for how it engages donors.

We continue to work with Malaria No More, delivering social media audience analyses and recommendations, building landing pages and microsites, and advising on strategies for other efforts, including their International Women’s Day campaign.

What We Delivered

  • Audience definitions, user journeys, and objectives
  • Engagement strategy and use cases
  • Stakeholder workshops and small team interviews
  • Site architecture, wireframes, design and website build
  • A website backend that was easy for them to own/manage, training, and documentation